one of an extremely uptight nature... person contains high friend qualities... slightly creepy to many women. Exudes a cocky attitude and holds silly grudges. Has the highest ability to obtain women...being a firefighter...but does not take advantage of this super power.. of which many men do not have the opportunity to acquire. Although should be happy in his current position in life, he can still manage to be a negative and pass this on to people who care and love him.
That guy is so creepy...he's such a bassett. Chill out dude.. dont' be such a bassett
by acquaintance February 21, 2009
Top Definition
A small town located in southern Virginia which has been robbed of many jobs due to the moving of the textile factories. Overlooked because of it's small population and lack of entertainment, Bassett is home to an extremely awesome high school-Bassett High School.
"I live in Bassett!"
"Never heard of it."
"It's right below Martinsville."
"Oh, like as in Martinsville Speedway?"
by atykay July 05, 2008
To be in "all sorts of trouble".

Bassetts is more than just a word, it's a way of life! Invented in The Medway Towns in 1999, this word has spread like wildfire throughout the country.
"Oh shit, I'm in Bassetts"!

"That bloke is in a shit-load of Bassetts"!

"Ah, he's a Bassetts man"!
(i.e. he's a man that is continuously in all sorts of trouble).

by Sean Collins September 12, 2007
Something meaning great. Twenty times cooler than the breed of dog.
Wow, look at that bassett. Isn't it fucking super?
by jimmytherealboy August 25, 2009
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