The most smiley person in the band, always willing to help.
Person: Hey could you help me move the Bass Drum?
Bass Clarinet Player: No problem!!
by 1st Chair December 27, 2009
Top Definition
Usually, a bass clarinet player is a misunderstood, but very useful instrument in a band. Higher than a bari sax, but lower than a tenor sax, the bass clarinet player is the median in a low reed section. Not too high, not too low.
Band Director 1:We need more bari.
Bd 2:We need more tenor.
Bd 3:Nah, both would be over-kill. We need something in between.
Bd 1:We could add some bass clarinets player...


Our tubas suck, so what do we do? Add more bass clarinets.

-Bass Clarinet Player explanation of what happens to tubas that suck
by Phantom034` September 21, 2008
Usually a player of the bass clarinet which is just like a regular clarinet but lower. Might be friends with the alto saxophone player and may cause unneeded drama in band.
A bass clarinet player that finds the need to date all saxophone players of her class
by alskj November 02, 2007
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