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Another way of saying "@$$ rape." Seen in one episode of Reno 911! where the visitor phone was out of order thus calling for a game of charades to describe the inmate's jail time experience. The police woman got to "Bass Tape," but no further.
John: Man, I heard you were in the joint for a while!
Luke: Yeah...
John: D'ya get bass taped?
Luke: Say wha?
John makes an obscene gesture implying nonconsentual buttshecks.
Luke: Oh... Sick b@st@rd.
#reno 911! #reno #911 #bass #tape #ass #rape
by KillerKitsune August 14, 2008
Bass Tapes refer to the old school cassette tapes from the late 80's and early 90's. These tapes predated CDs, and contained experimental bass-heavy music, think grandfather music to to Trap, Glitch and DubStep.
Remember that bumping car you drove from the 90's? Man, we'd bump from block to block with 18's in the back and bass tapes in the cassette player. Thumping the neighborhood.
#cassettes #miami bass #dubstep #trap #glitch
by sn0wn1nj4 March 11, 2014
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