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A play on words of breast reduction surgery, a term used when you set the E.Q on your ipod (or any music player) to reduced bass. Considered pussyish as bass only supplies a light pulse with the music, most people would prefer bass boost, because the stock ipod headphones sound crap despite that most people have them intend of a proper pair, like Sennheiser or Bose, or anything else. Although bass reduction surgery is acceptable if the user has a very bassy pair of head phones, like skull crushers or beats.
Tom: Ah, shit, the base is hurting my ears, im gonna set the E.Q to bass reduction.

Me: I don't see why you need bass reduction surgery your only using your shitastic stock ipod headphones that came with your ipod, they don't have any bass anyway, pussy.
by EPICPWNERY September 03, 2010
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