It's like a clarinet and saxaphone put together. It is 900 decatrillion times better than a ordinary soprano clarinet (the most common clarinet, the one you start off with before the bass). The Bass Clarinet is ballin. Freakin wayyy better. I don't know you, but some people that are insane about it say it's "The Sexiest Instrument Ever!". I'd say it is the sexiest instrument too because of it's elegent design.
It also has a beastly sound dude. No kidding man. The Bass Clarinet is the Beast overall!

The clarinet is bull. It's too old school. Not enough "Manlyness".
by bassclarinetdude June 20, 2009
Top Definition
Awsome saxophone looking instrument. Way beter than regular clarinet because of low Eflat
Bass clarinet is pimp
by ut713 December 09, 2006
100 million times better than the clarinet. Looks like a saxaphone, but better. A heavy instrument that requires harness or neckstrap. reletive of the clarinet.
boy 1: i play the bass clarinet
boy 2:i play the clarinet
boy 1:your'e gay
by andrew August 10, 2004
The Bass Clarinet is the coolest clarinet that exists. It's shape was adopted and used in the saxophone. It has an awesome low tone, and is generally better then Soprano Clarinet
My bass clarinet could beat up Mike Tyson
by Rembrant January 01, 2008
The best damn instrument in the whole band. Way better than a clarinet. Usually plays the same music as the tubas.
Woah, I really respect that guy, even though hes in the band he still plays the most awsomeest instrument, the bass clarinet.
by Nick3561 April 03, 2008
An instrument descended from heaven. Forged by God himself in the fires of Mt. Buffet with wood taken from the trees of the Garden of Eden, it is said that when one such instrument is played, storms dissipate and seas are calmed. In the hands of an expert, the Bass Clarinet's power can be weaponized, calling in lightning to crash down upon his enemies.
A holy weapon of mass destruction. We call it- the bass clarinet.
by Antonymy July 13, 2011
A bass clarinet is a musical instrument. For the uninitiated, a bass clarinet resembles a regular clarinet, but it's shaped a little more like a saxophone and sounds a little more like a cow.
Boy 1: Did you hear that cow?
Boy 2: That's actually a recording of my bass clarinet recital.
Boy 1: Great... um... I think I hear my mom calling...
by Fred Durst jr. January 27, 2007
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