Basking Ridge is a town of fresh air, clean parks, good friends, friendly neighbors, morals, great schools, and yes, great law enforcement. Maybe the cigarette girl from the other comments should have gone to school there to learn how to spell MERCEDES. By the way, girl, besides preps, geeks, and freaks, there are jocks too. How much more diversity do you need? How many cliques in your school? We are able to choose who we are. To another previous comment. First, people get high everywhere, idiot. I, fortunately and thankfully, grew up in a middle class family who worked very hard to raise me there and I have many friends on both sides of the spectrum. Yes, upper, lower, and middle class, all in B.R. and we all hung together. The rich ones were rich because they earned it or inherited it. If they did inherit it, so what? Their parents worked hard to earn it. Good for them. Why be so jealous because someone has more of what you want? Pick yourself up and get out of the slump & slum and try to better yourself. To a third previous comment, I never followed fads. I never popped my collar or wore my pants around my ankles with my jockeys hangin' out. "Tryin' to look ghetto." Get over your bad education and stop hating people who have a good upbringing and education. Don't forget, Jersey gets a bad rap because all the planes have to land in "beautiful" Newark.
Basking Ridge is a town rich in diversity and morals and continues to grow.
by BR homeboy May 23, 2013
The cops have to be the worst due to the lack of crime so they take it out on the Basking Ridge Morons. These kids go to my school ride dirt bikes and shit and the cops ar on there ass 24/7. Back to my point....

BRPD house: man we suck ass
by John D D as in apple March 13, 2005
a town going indefinitely emo. Many guys wear the tightest pants ensuring they 1)will not be able to feel their wangs after being in such a tight pouch for the day 2) will never be able to reproduce because they became sterile before hitting 18. Also there are no true preps. They are usually a bunch of the sluttiest bitches ever seen on the face of the earth. Such as... ao. ev. df. etc. Many of these basking ridge kids learn to get high using alcohol, and marijuana before they are five feet tall. Being skinny is a goal, but there are only so many that are priveliged enough to be so. The others are giant blimps such as kp. and jd. wow... Most have so much money and the schools serve so much crap that they just shove whatevers placed before them in their mouth. What can I say? B-ridge kids weren't raised to be smart. Now the teachers are trying to shield the kids from so many horrors of the world such as "sex" GASP. What they don't know is kids here have learned to play bump and grind even before 5th grade. However there are a few more... valuable minds of Basking Ridge. They are going to be bernardsville's future bosses, so don't bitch and we won't fire you. These you can find usually in the more advanced classes, but even then many of them succumb to the peer pressure by high school and start drinking, smoking and in other words loosing the brain cells they have. But still... WE STILL FUCKING PARTY HARDER THEN ANY OF YOU!! plus with our wealth we have more to spend on motherfucking parties, and our bar/bat mitzvah's are the shiz!! don't hate because we richer then you.
ew. basking ridge??
don't hate, we just better then you bitches
by boberett April 06, 2006
A small town in Northern New Jersey. Famous for the rich, spoiled, preppy morons that populate it. There are only three identifiable cliques in Ridge High School: the preps, the geeks, and the freaks (ie, punks, emo kids, metalheads, goths). Every group is incredibly elitist, and most of the punk kids have merecedes.
Also known as Bubble Ridge.
See upper class white trash.
Person One: I grew up in Basking Ridge
Person Two: You are a hollow shell of a man.
by CigaretteGirl May 03, 2005
a rich, boring, preppy, boring town in New Jersey. Some people do get high, but it is a common misunderstanding that everyone is rich, snobby, drugged etc. Good malls. Most people tend to be very rich, but lots are just poor or bankrupt.
I live in Basking Ridge, New Jersey
yah ok
by torie! March 25, 2005
The richest, most stuck up place in NJ. Also the worlds most boring place ever.
Basking Ridge is so boring it's known as hell on earth
by Ruan November 07, 2005
Basking Ridge is a town where everyone thinks their cool! If you aren't wearing something from A&F then ur so not cool! Oh I almost forgot A&F is soo 2 years ago! Let's all go buy Juicy Stuff now! Oh and too be cool you also have to listen to emo music on your ipod. Everyone has an ipod and cell phones! And also your soooo cool if you chew gum in school, or wear backless shoes! (Thats not allowed in our school!) Were all rebels here, or as the cool kids in Basking Ridge would say, "Your a beast!" If you do that your in! Most kids are posers. Our school went from ghetto to skater in like a year. Wow!
Basking Ridge:
if your phone isn't flippin'...then you're trippin
by imsocool12345 April 19, 2006
Basking Ridge is a pretty awesome town the everyone is just jelous of. Everyone is mad rich and basically as soon as you get your licence its a given the you will get a car. The kids are spoiled and alot of the kids pretend to be poor to get "respect" or some shit but we all know that if you are living here and you have clothes on your back, that you are prolly rich and your just faking it so people will feel bad for you!? Anyway... everything is usually 20 mins away, NYC is soo close and everyone that lives here has probly been there. If you live her like me you no how funny it is when people come from out of state and are amazed by NYC and you laugh cuz its old news. if you live here when you go to the airport you always take a stretch limo... i know i do. Ridge High is your highschool where either your teachers care too much or not enough. Everyone is anoying except for those few you call your awesome friends. There is not one person that doesnt talk about another person. The Hills is not considered the true basking ridge cuz everyone is usually an indian or a chink but there are a few cool people. Ridge sports are pretty good except our school spirt sux. The powder puff games have become a joke and the football has too... if you tell your parents you going to the football games you are usually lieing to go somewhere else or just in the bathroom getting drunk and walking around like dumbasses saying hi to everyone that you just saw 4 hours ago at school. Anyway, other then the lack of school spirit and some really phsyco people that should be killd basking ridge is a pretty cool place to live. Clothes mean alot and our cheerleaders are ugly and have no talent. Some other nice places are the lyons mall which has turned into an unfortunant 8th grader hangout spot and bernards where all the ugly bernards kids drag themselves to after school and then stare at the glowing and rich basking ridge kids while they get their BK order. Everyone knows the Bernards theater always plays the shitiest movies and BW mall is full of blacks that we are not used to seeing cuz THERE ARE NOT BLACKS IN BASKING RIDGE...we like it like that too. Some other good things about BRIDGE is you dont feel like you are ever ganna die even tho the girls at ridge send more death threats to other girls then a KFC filled with hungry blacks. So if your transfering to our school and your not really pretty skinny or rich your not ganna be cool unless you like have pot or can get Alch cheap cuz thats all anyone cares about anyway right!?

BTW I'm born and raised in BR there is nothing i havent seen.
"I live in Basking Ridge, and only want people who can get Alch and put pics of me and my crew pretending to be drunk at my party... and yes i am a freshmen"
by Born and Raised in BR January 29, 2008

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