Basking Ridge is a town of fresh air, clean parks, good friends, friendly neighbors, morals, great schools, and yes, great law enforcement. Maybe the cigarette girl from the other comments should have gone to school there to learn how to spell MERCEDES. By the way, girl, besides preps, geeks, and freaks, there are jocks too. How much more diversity do you need? How many cliques in your school? We are able to choose who we are. To another previous comment. First, people get high everywhere, idiot. I, fortunately and thankfully, grew up in a middle class family who worked very hard to raise me there and I have many friends on both sides of the spectrum. Yes, upper, lower, and middle class, all in B.R. and we all hung together. The rich ones were rich because they earned it or inherited it. If they did inherit it, so what? Their parents worked hard to earn it. Good for them. Why be so jealous because someone has more of what you want? Pick yourself up and get out of the slump & slum and try to better yourself. To a third previous comment, I never followed fads. I never popped my collar or wore my pants around my ankles with my jockeys hangin' out. "Tryin' to look ghetto." Get over your bad education and stop hating people who have a good upbringing and education. Don't forget, Jersey gets a bad rap because all the planes have to land in "beautiful" Newark.
Basking Ridge is a town rich in diversity and morals and continues to grow.
by BR homeboy May 23, 2013
A small, wonderful area where anything is possible. Basking Ridge is a melting pot for creativity and awesomeness. With the given exceptions of individuals, it is a very nice place to live.
In a night one can be within minutes of fine bowling, fried chicken, film and adventure sites.
by Ezekiel McCheese February 02, 2005
Boring, nice, rich ass white suburban town in New Jersey. The kind of place kids will make fun of for being rich and snobby(which it is) while they get high because there is nothing else to do, yet consistently forget to be thankful for how damn lucky they are that they were born into a rich and snobby town as opposed to Newark. or like, Somalia.

also known as B-RIZZLE
You live in a rich ass white suburban town? THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU BITCHING?
by fobsta! February 16, 2005
A rich misunderstood town. People who live there know that most of the kids are dumbasses and there are a lot of kids that have cut at one time or another. Half the town is rich and the other half either lives in the condos of Society Hill or somewhere else. A lot of the kids are preppy and even more of them live in the hills and wear A&F but think they are ghetto and try to act black. You know you're really in Basking Ridge when you see kids with popped collars and kids trying to be cool and "ghetto". There are also a ton of bands and Basking Ridge does have a ton of nice people, they're just a bit insane and misunderstood, yes misunderstood. Live there for your whole life and you'll know what I mean.
'Yeah I'm so ghetto''You're not ghetto, you're white and you wear A&F and pop the collar.'
by Marcus x3 August 24, 2005
The ultimate posh semi-rural New York City suburb. Very conveniently located to anywhere. Although the immeadiate area is somewhat sleepy. You have an awesome mall to the south (Bridgewater Commons) and a worldclass stellar mall to the northeast (Short Hills). The richest town in NJ (Harding) is to your north and super rich Bernardsville is to your west. The schools here are tip top notch from K - 12. The town is 79% white with the rest being mostly Asians who mainly live in the "Hills" section of town. The downtown is quaint, yet small and semi-usefull. Great access to NYC with two train stations in town. Hopefully this town stays as it is. It's built out, but the demographics are perfect besides maybe there being a little less asians and a few more blacks and hispanics to make up for it. THIS IS THE IDEAL TOWN.
Basking Ridge Kid1: I feel insecure knowing them Bernardsville and Harding are richer than us.

Basking Ridge Kid2: Smacks Kid1
by Granular Genius August 09, 2011
A really cool town in New Jersey. As seen in previous definitions, a common theme in this town is just to make fun of it and hate on it. These people are idiots and have nothing better to do. It is a cool town with cool people for the most part and is within driving distance of lots of good things to do.
"Oh this town is SSSOOO lame, there's NNOOOTTTHHHING to do!!! wah wah!"
by Jesus February 12, 2005
mother fucking rich ass town in jersey
you see a town of new expensive cars and you hear shit music like Dave Matthews
by bob March 15, 2005

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