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A game involving one (or two) girls/women with open shirts, usually the opposite sex do not notice, or they willingly agree. The object of the game is to take a small piece of food (grape, cheeseball, etc) of similar size and to make said object into the opening of the shirt of a female. Most times, the female gets very VERY annoyed and is to be played with close friends. Once she IS annoyed or finds out, she will pull her top up or guard herself. This is Half-Time and the game resumes when her guard is down.

Bonus points are awarded if:

-The object is lodged in the female's bra
-The object passes through fully through the shirt
Guy 1: Hey ever play Basketboobs?

Guy 2: No, what is it?

Guy 1: (explains)

Guy 2: Alright, grapes away!

Guy 1: (makes into shirt of a close girl friend, or significant other)

Guy 2: Nice shot!

Girl: WOOOOWWW (covers self)

by JustifiedCA December 23, 2012

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