hen you put your balls and dick between your legs

Seen from the front it looks like mangina

Seen from back it looks like a basket of fruit
Who gave Dick Cheney a gun? Ooh No George Buch pertect you basket of fruit!


Say bye bye to Bush's man hood
by Nicolo April 20, 2006
Top Definition
A byproduct of a mangina which is viewable from behind. (See Mangina)
Frontal Observer: Hey! A mangina!
Posterior Observer: Hey! A basket of fruit!
by RRL October 11, 2005
When you stick your dick n balls between your legs and your balls slip back through and create a basket like region
When looking in the mirror i made a basket of fruit
by Kevin January 29, 2005
A basket that has an assortment of (hopefully)fresh fruit.
I recieved a basket of fruit from my neighbor.
by Urban Dictionary May 17, 2005
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