A young person who sits at home on a Friday and Saturday night knitting sweaters or blankets.
The "basket weaver" would rather stay home than party with friends.
by fupah August 19, 2009
Top Definition
An patient at an insane asylum, where one of the activities used to keep the patients occupied is basket weaving.
Gonna visit my mom at Bellevue and check out the basket weavers.
by e-vigilante August 08, 2011
A girl who is extremely enthusiastic about giving head.
Typically, the employment of both hands, one on shaft, the other on balls (the key to recognizing her enthusiasm), resembles the action of basket weaving.
"Dude, that girl monica is a TOTAL basket weaver!"
by Pristine Balls August 27, 2007
Someone who entangles the butt-hair of another sex, kind of like weaving a basket of hair.
Kari really weaved that ginger's basket the other night, gosh she's a master Basket Weaver!
by Ayycaptainmycaptain April 08, 2010
A girl who sucks dick so enthusiastically, as demonstrated by the emoloyment for both hands acting willfully and skillfully upon the shaft and the scrotum, that her motion appears to be the same as that of a basket weaver.
"Dude, this girl s'd my d so crazy she looked like a basket weaver!"
by D Rea September 08, 2007
A citizen or someone of the country of Peru. AKA Julio Mendoza
Julio, shut the fuck up you basket weaver. i dont give a damn how hot your hair is!
by Malcolm Malobolabo October 04, 2004
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