1. In war, places where weapons/supplies are held. Also provide protection from enemy attacks.

2. Chemistry - Any substance with a pH greater than 7. Also considered any substance that can act as a proton receiver.

3. Objects in baseball that batters run to when they hit the ball.
1. America just invaded another Iraqi base.
2. KOh (Potassium Hydroxide) is a strong base.
3. Alex Rodriguez hit a home run but forgot to touch 3rd base.
by The truth May 11, 2004
1st base - a pull with tongues

2nd base - poke or handy

3rd base - lick out or blowing

4th base - All the way
At the school disco me and Danny found a classroom, and we pulled he already knew the bases, whereas I wasn't as experienced, I'd only pulled before. I gave him a handy and as my reward he poked me, but then I wanted to take him further, apparently so did he, so he pulled up my skirt and I lay on the desk and he licked me out, his warm, wet tongue on my pussy felt so good, I felt so horny so I gave him a blow job and he jizzed in my mouth his cum tasted so good, eventually we went all the way, the teachers couldn't find us and we spent the night together...

After getting drunk on the Saturday, we went back to Georgia's because her parents were out. We called in Jack and Rory, they came running. Once they arrived Georgia and Jack went through to her room, they were humping so hard the bed was hitting against the wall and Rory and I could hear it in the next room. He poked me whilst sitting on Georgia's sofa, then Jack and her came through and it was me and Rory's turn. We went through and he fucked me so hard my pussy is still hurting, we came back through to the lounge and Georgia and Jack were having sex, so me and Rory joined in and we had the best foursome ever, Rory licked me out, I licked out Georgia and Jack analed me and georgia gave jack a blow job. I think we can all agree that was the best night of our lives...
by Pseudonymopi9076 June 13, 2009
1st base: frenching
2nd base: felling
3rd base: fingering
4th base: fucking
hehh hehhe fucking hehh heeh
by pyroboy January 06, 2005
the sickness of all evil...if u go there u must be an insane be otch ok im done
wut school do u go to?
basis scottsdale
where is that?
um....i dunno
by Annie April 12, 2005
1st - Kissing, heavy petting, dry sex
2nd - Finger, Hand Job
3rd - Oral, fellatio (blow job), cunnilingus(eating out)
Home Run - Sex

*Titties are irrelevant*
Guy: Man, that girl sucked her way to third base last night!
Other Guy: Hopefully you'll score a homerun tonight!

Dude: I'll probably round all the bases with her tonight!
by The Robone April 12, 2006
There are many versions of the "bases". Usually used by immature children or teens who still laugh when someone says penis. Those same kids are the ones who cant say the word penis but have to use signals with their eyes or say, "the you know what ;-).
-Hey, i got to FIRST BASE today!!!
-With who?
-OMG did you get to see his... well you know.
by Reilly February 21, 2005
The generally used bases, as I've heard them in my region (SW PA):

1st Base - Frenching
2nd Base - Feeling and/or Hand Jobs and/or Fingering
3rd Base - Oral and/or Anal sex
Home run - Sex

Another version I've heard is the four Fs described in another definition, and also a kind of silly one that had sex at third, 2nd at anything other than sex, 1st at kissing, and home run as getting married.
Last night when my boyfriend was "up" to bat, we rounded _all_ the bases.
by JZ June 16, 2004

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