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1.Someone who rides there 15 speed bike every where even to the mall
2.Usually Mexican
3.Go to peoples house and start to mooch off of them
4.Always gets jumped when there riding there bikes and you feel bad so you let them mooch off of you even more
Bob:dude Pablo such a baser...he is always on that darn bike with the broken pedals
Raymond:I know man he always goes to my house just to eat and use my phone just to call his family in Mexico
Bob:man lets jump him but dont feel bad for him because he going to freeload even more
by 305Dp May 28, 2008
19 47
A base head ex. Turk just kidding
by Lenny from the Lot April 01, 2003
2 32
1. A synonym for jug.
1. Jackie is a baser.
by Ahmed September 05, 2002
3 36