To be annoying by acting like an idiot. You might be trying to be cool but failing but it is a very general term for all manner of cheesy balini behaviour.
Dad was being such a baser tonight! I think he was pinot grigio'd!
by matthedude April 27, 2006
1. Someone who just sits around all day smoking, snorting, eating, licking, and injecting drugs all day.
2. This person can relate to a "scrub", who sits around all day and gets nothing accomplished.
-Bar's such a baser, look at him sleep on the blunt.
by FreeTrial4DeatH June 04, 2007
A person who free bases cocaine.
George is a baser, i saw him smoking coc behind the dumpster.
by suemoe June 09, 2005
one who uses crack cocaine and other addictive drugs.
by Anonymous September 05, 2002
a slang definition for crack users and/or cocaine users, most frequentley used in the Florida area, specifically Ft. Walton Beach. A form of the term "free-basers".
quit doin' all that blow, man. I dont want to hang out with a bunch of basers.
by SAFINHA June 23, 2008
A person who SMOKES CraCC not a person who sells it
damn look at that baser cant catch a crack head
by Tigga February 23, 2005
Someone who sits around all day doing nothing productive, and sucks at just about everything they do.
One day i walked into my friend andres's house. I immediately walked out, because i though to myself " What a baser".
by saltycuban June 03, 2009
someone who does pills until they are either broke or overdosed. Someone that is stuck in one city and the only excitement they find is doing pills. other words Base junkie base head. Orginated from free baseing crack now its for anyone!
I just gave this kid three pills to wash my car, what a baser right?
by ChancenAllTheTime February 09, 2010

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