1)the most pathetic sport ever conceived...its sole purpose is to entertain fat pathetic american losers who have no lives.

2)the act of running around in circles with a break in between

3) a sport where an athelete can be overweight and still be considered a great star

4) a sport that even a chimp can play (hit a ball with a bat....wtf??)

5) It pays wayyyy toooo much for its absurd simplicity and mediocrity....they pay the freaking athletes to do nothing

6) what an "all-american dad" wants his son to play.....i know from experience. *pukes*

7)Dumbest sport in high school....only for stupid jocks that like to grab balls and sticks..

8) poor man's cricket

9) only sport that gets cancelled over a crappy shower O_O

I can go on....but a sport this bad....doesnt deserve all of my breath and crticism
baseball is too bad for an example....

but a team that gets paid over 100,000,000 and still sucks major ass...can tell you something about it....
by UniqueHuman September 05, 2006
the poor man's cricket.
I would like to play cricket but we can't in this mud. Let's play baseball.
by ehhj February 15, 2005
the sport with the hottest guys in the school on the team. it's great. girls don't even have to really do anything in the stands but watch! no cheerleading or anything. you can write or paint your nails or whatever, and any time you get the need for some mega sexy images, just look up. for some it's especially good because they're lucky enough to have a boyfriend on the team they're watching.
P1: wow, look at that first basemen
P2: ewww, the pitcher is way hotter
P1: fine you take the pitcher but i'd go to home with the first basemen
P2: suit yourself. the whole team is freaking hot, why pick just one?
by drue April 10, 2005
the worlds best counter strike player kaikillerX's homo boyfriend
baseball shit his pants
by kaikillerX February 05, 2005
The most


sport in the world watched by fat


American losers who have extremely


Baseball is shit!

Football(as in soccer for all you American pigs) is the greatest sport in the world!!!

Manchester United are the greatest football(as in soccer you yanks) team in the world!!!
by rambo April 14, 2005
One of the most boring , and second gayest(next to American Football), sport in the world.
Baseball is gay, way gay.
by CroatianKid June 24, 2005
An extremely amazing sport that is played using a bat, ball, and glove. Baseball is one of the hardest sports to play because it is 99% mental. It is also referred to as our nations past time.
Hey Calvin, wanna go play some baseball with my black friend?

Calvin like to think about baseball so he dosnt prematurely ejaculate!
by Tyler36366433 December 15, 2014

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