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The Command Center from which the virtual Ad Agency Scuderia O2 operates from. A camp or resting area that is used to summit a mountain.
Scuderia O2, Base Camp for Team Oxygen. NYC based Virtual Advertising Agency with a global reach. Base Camp is located in New York City.
by Michael Chinnici March 10, 2008
5 5
an adjective describing a person with severe facial overgrowth, as though they belong at a mountain-climbing mission's base camp.
"I say, Christopher, you are looking quite basecamp these days. When was the last time you shaved?"
by spliff01 September 19, 2007
6 3
Outdoorsy combative homosexual fun while camping.
Inspired by Brokeback Mountain: When Ennis and Jack wrestled, fought and made love in the tent, that was Basecamping.
by Dwight Atkinson March 10, 2009
1 0
To basecamp, is to do something stupid, especially something that hinders academic study, and so is mainly used by students.

It comes from the concept that obtaining a degree is like climbing a mountain, and by doing stupid things, such as staying up all night when you have class in the morning, you are staying at basecamp.
I have class at 9 tomorrow morning, but I really want to basecamp tonight. I'll just fill up on Pro-Plus and sleep in the library.
by RichyRickRich October 08, 2008
1 1
where things begin...the starting point....
chuck: "look at those fat people circling the funnel cake stand!muffin top heaven!"
flicka: "actually there is a "globulous base camp of stored energy" present there.... i just know!"
by saundoggy August 13, 2010
7 9