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Basc a shortened version for the word "basically." Mostly used in the white Suffolk suburbs
Guy 1: "Yo, you finish that shit you were gonna do?"

Guy 2: "Basc."
by Yigstein's Money February 17, 2011
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a sorority that was established for bad As, well.. just for the jenns;Bad A Sistahood Club
i have a BASC tshirt!
u are the badest bad As i have seen around, u must be in the BASC
by jenns December 05, 2003
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an abbreviated version of basically. bascs, its easier to use on msn, and also easier to use when is also a bit like 'obvs' and 'blaitz' :)
"bascs, i think you smell"
"im just gonna ask her, bascs."
by qwqwewe April 01, 2009
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