A phrase created by Subject C (cannot put personal names on Urban Dictionary) that has no particular meaning, but its purpose is to be said out of random to release any exhaust of emotions.
Ms. A: Everyone did horrible on their essay!

Kid 1: Oh really?

Kid 2: Bartle Doo!

Ms. A: What does that mean? Do you like to annoy me?

Kid 2: It doesnt really have a meaning....

Next Day...

Ms. A: So can anyone tell me the meaning of line 5 in Act 3 scene 4?

Kid 1: Bartle Doo!

Kid 2: Bartle Doo.

Ms. A: Anyone else?

Entire Class: Bartle Doooooo!!
by stupidstupid May 10, 2010
Top Definition
A phrase used by Mumbles.
Could possibly be a greeting or an expression of agreement or surprise.
Mumbles: " Bartle doo"

Anonymous person: "Bartle doo?"

Mumbles: "Bartle doo!"
by Erroneousapostrophe August 25, 2008
A noun, adjective, and verb used by comedy overlord Edbassmaster. Often used in conjunction with "Linky Burger(s)", "a Flatline on The Blueline special", or "Crap Mo Stank". Also known to win any argument, ever, in one simple phrase.
Im gonna need a linky burger with some bartle doo. Also a flatline on the blueline special!

(Troll) Ur gay!
(Epic man) No I'm not!
(Troll) Yes you are!
(Epic man) Two camels in a tiny car!!!
(Troll) Still gay!
(Epic man) Bartle doo!
(Troll) ....*whimper*
by DeathWillSoonBecomeU April 24, 2010
A food, which can be eaten raw, cooked, or if distilled made into a booyon. Also used in Linky Burgers.
You dont got Bartle Doo?
Crap mo' stank!
by theshadowyoshi January 22, 2009
a phrase used by Mumbles (edbassmaster) on YouTube which i believe to be synonymous with the phrase "that'll do"
I would like that, that, this and those.
Aight, bartle doo
by el nagre loco November 12, 2010
A nickname or saying for someone who doesn't talk clear in reference to the "mumbles" videos on youtube.
Someone who doesn't talk clear: Heyall I be right day by da doe iffu be need me n chit, aight den.

Other person: Huh?

Bystander 1: I don't know what bartledoo is talking about over there.
Bystander 2: Beats me, I thought he was retarded.
by M2k2ind May 29, 2010
If you forget the word you were going to say, say Bartledoo
*packing for camping trip* *tent has been replaced with bartledoo*
Did you pack the Bartledoo?
by DankLicious December 14, 2014
Used to say Hi or Hiya invented my Mumbles on youtube.
Me: Bartle Doo =)
Stranger: Hi
by bartlebabe June 16, 2013
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