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A term used to describe back-to-back home runs in a baseball game. Most notably heard by SportsCenter anchor Neil Everett calling out a back-to-back jack highlight.
"Matt Carpenter goes deep to lead off the game. Carlos Beltran wants in on the fun, BARTENDER! ONE SHOT AIN'T ENOUGH."
by Minor League Guy April 26, 2013
2 1
1. Like or the actual conditions of prison sex... see Prison Hump...

2. Somebody who willingly and repeatedly partcipates in homosexual activity with fellow inmates, despite being hetrosexual... (tending to the guys like the jailhouse bitch...)

3. Some git serving beverages... probably also defition #2...
1. "That was some crazy-ass rough sex! That was so fuckin' bartender..."

2. "After I sold my sofa I had to become a baretender just to afford a score!"

3. "Who the fuck is that guy taking drink orders?" "That's the bartender... he tends the bar..." "Dude... what a fuckin' metrosexual..." "Yeah... he's always been a bartender(#2)"
by wez-1 August 11, 2005
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