1. Like or the actual conditions of prison sex... see Prison Hump...

2. Somebody who willingly and repeatedly partcipates in homosexual activity with fellow inmates, despite being hetrosexual... (tending to the guys like the jailhouse bitch...)

3. Some git serving beverages... probably also defition #2...
1. "That was some crazy-ass rough sex! That was so fuckin' bartender..."

2. "After I sold my sofa I had to become a baretender just to afford a score!"

3. "Who the fuck is that guy taking drink orders?" "That's the bartender... he tends the bar..." "Dude... what a fuckin' metrosexual..." "Yeah... he's always been a bartender(#2)"
by wez-1 August 11, 2005
Top Definition
a drunk's best friend at the moment
Drunk: The Bartender is my best friend
Guy: What the hell?
by anonymous June 16, 2004
A professional babysitter. A part time psychologist. One who has a developed sense of seeing through the bullshit. Someone you are most likely NOT taking home, so do your bartender a favor and don't ask! Remember, she is getting paid to flirt with you and being HOT is part of the requirement of her job!! A professional bullshitter. Someone with a real sense of fun and can probably drink you under the table. A person with a dangerous turning point who can rip you to shreds with a few pointed sentences if necessary. A part time security guard. I may be cute but will kick your drunk ass if I have to!!
Drunk: "You're hot."
Bartender: "Thanks, you're not to bad yourself."
Drunk: "You got all kinds of booty girl!"
Bartender: politely smiles

Drunk: "We should go out sometime."
Bartender: (after tab is paid of course) "No thanks I like pussy." (In other words: You are wasted, I am sober, I have witnessed you hit on every girl in this bar and will not be your last resort to get laid. No thanks drunk guy..)
by MamaG83 May 31, 2010
1. Song made by t-pain ft. akon
2. A person who serves drinks at a bar
1. lyrics: Broke up with my girl last night so I went to the club...

2. The bartender served me 2 glasses of beer.
by what am I doing October 19, 2008
A term used to describe back-to-back home runs in a baseball game. Most notably heard by SportsCenter anchor Neil Everett calling out a back-to-back jack highlight.
"Matt Carpenter goes deep to lead off the game. Carlos Beltran wants in on the fun, BARTENDER! ONE SHOT AIN'T ENOUGH."
by Minor League Guy April 26, 2013
A song by Dave Matthews Band, the most famous version of which can be heard on the Live at Folsom Field album.
Bartender please/ fill my glass for me/ with the wine you gave Jesus that set him free after 3 days in the ground
by Monsieur bon cote August 01, 2009
A person accustomed to the mixing of words.
Dude, stop being a bartender. Just spit it out.
by Gaudette February 02, 2009
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