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The act of shoving a barracuda up one's anus while simultaneously eating a berry pie.
Man, I saw your mom pull a barrios last night. It looked delicious!
by Jason Dmitri March 21, 2005
14 58
Spanish term for the "Hood". In the U.S it is used as the Latino equivalent of a Ghetto.
1) In Nueva York we call Spanish Harlem "El Barrio"
2) Ghetto- used for African-Americans/Negros/ Blacks/Niggas
Barrio- used for Latinos/Spics/Hispanics
by Ricco Chico August 10, 2007
324 74
SPanish for neighborohhd
yo man these niggas tryin to blast me in my own barrio
by AC June 03, 2003
283 99
An ethnic neighborhood with a primarily latin character. Literally 'neighborhood' in Spanish.
We rolled to the barrio to scope these hot CD players from those fools Jiminez and Hector eh.
by Doug Gandolfo April 28, 2005
225 60
slang spanish term for hood or ghetto
i'm from the barrios of east l.a ese
by chinga tu madre October 22, 2006
120 47
Neighborhood (Gang slang)
by VAKI5 September 25, 2003
115 89
A spanish word meaning "hood", "ghetto", or "neighborhood".
Yo steve come with me to the "barrios".
by EgoMasterVirtue November 25, 2008
32 9
The surname of a family that comes from Spain. The name originates from the Moors. The surname comes from the word Barr which means village. Apparently these areas were invaded by the moors which would have created an interracial mix of African and Spanish lineage with mixings of Christianity and Muslim faiths. A name that has many offshoots.
Barrio-surname from Spain.
by --@4%--- October 08, 2009
26 13