the girl form of "barry"
look at that girl barrie..she's cool.
by barrie December 07, 2003
that weird time where you have made it safely to first base but you aren't sure if you will be able to get to second base without getting called out!!
I'm safe at first but now I am stuck like a barrie.
by jenny July 30, 2003
The hottest and nicest guy you'll ever meet! I love him!
I dono :S
by Seksii Baybeee!<3 July 30, 2003
a small town about 45 mins north of toronto usually known for barrie whores and has 3 clubs roxx queens and 55 special girls at the roxx love them some jamaican man dem people in barrie wish they were from toronto and when the girls find you are from t dot they will suck your cock. barrie is a small town full of hicks and whores barrie slut whore
" yo lets hit up the roxx in barrie naww that club is full of nigger diggers " "yo siah i got a hood wash from this chicken head meghan at the queens im goin back next week to fuck her friend ashley" "fuck i got herpes from that slut krissy i fucked in the washroom at the roxx"
by S13 May 07, 2006
Barrie, Ontario is a "city" about 90 km north of Toronto, which, unlike Barrie, you've probably heard of before. And the reason you haven't heard of Barrie is because it's a boring, disgusting hole. They brag because their so-called economy (dealing mostly with selling crack) is booming and their population is exploding. In reality, no one wants to live there, and no one cares. It's ugly, the people are ugly and it's a disgrace to the GTA. Everyone from Barrie talks like a dirty truck driver. The place sickens me. Never go there.
Barrie friend: Hey man, you should come to Barrie this weekend.
Oakville friend: No man, I'm rich. I don't go to Barrie.
by Rohan/Sandeep K. January 10, 2007

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