While in the act of sexual intercourse, the man must be laying on his back and his partner on top of him. Just as the man is about to ejaculate, he grabs his partner close into his chest and rolls off the bed or couch onto the floor with her.
Man, I barrel rolled that bitch so hard you'd think we were at fuckin Niagra Falls!
by Ginger and Neckbeard December 13, 2010
A sexual maneuver, inspired by the classic N64 game, Star Fox 64.

While having intercourse in the missionary or upside down missionary position, the man firmly takes hold of the lady (preferably by the butt cheeks), and begins to log roll over and over.

Preferably, the man yells "Do a barrel roll!" or "Double tap R (or Z depending on the direction)!" or "Kiss my ass, Peppy!" as he pulls off this stunt.
I Barrel Rolled Liz last night.

Do a Barrel Roll!

I'm doing the Barrel Roll, Peppy, quit being such a dildo.
by saltybawls June 07, 2009
When the aroused bone-ranger deviates from straightness. This is also know as BPS- bent penis syndrome. Seemingly average when flaccid, yet once swole the tummy banana takes a violent sidelong turn and becomes a kidney scraper.

When the skin flute whistles his way west.
Bro with barrel roll:

"Hey gurl!"
Girl that got poked:

"Boy yous be trippin. Yous got barrel roll and now I's got kidney kabob."

Girl to girlfriend: "my furanimal met gonzo last night"
Girlfriend to girl: "bitch! You's saying he's all barrel roll and shit?
Girl to girlfriend: "Barrel. Roll. And shit. Weapon of ass destruction"

Fap fap fap till he get all swole
Sneaky snake do tha barrel roll
round da back shoots de yogurt troll don't console it's just me barrel roll shit be mazing!
by Vanilla gorilla September 01, 2014
The clockwise or counterclockwise circular movement created by the contour of one's body when attempting to find a comfortable and successful sleep position. The individual may first try the "on the side" approach, but once that doesn't work, he/she may attempt to move to the "on the stomach" approach, followed by the "other side", and then finally "the back". Once the full circle fails, he/she then tries to repeat the entire process again, resulting in the form of a barrel roll.
Due to Paul's insomnia, he had a bad case of the barrel rolls for hours and then finally ended up just rubbing one out.
by Snocap September 21, 2006
Derived from Star Fox's 'Barrel Roll', the phrase is used to interrupt a person from saying something uninteresting or out of the conversation.
Person 1: That was a hell of a ride
Person 2: I mean it's a new 370z customized, you've gotta expect something worth while...
Person 3: What kind of an engine does it use? I mean I personally think with 4000 cc...
Person 1: Barrel roll.

Example 2
In a blog contest
Person 1: so I just wanted to say, screw those bastards and live your life as you want it to be.
Person 2: Today, I received the mail from my parents that Sylvie died. A drop of tear fell from my watery eyes as I reminisced about the last time I saw her. She was old. Older than I, in a dog's age....
Audience 1: barrel roll.
by Medill Journalist December 02, 2009
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