The act of rolling your ship into a wall by pressing R or Z twice on the controll pad.

Usually done in Space by a foxlike pilot.
ZZ/RR into Wall/Comet/hard surface
by Flame060 February 16, 2005
The turning of the nose aka "Magic Cat" of the plane so as to do a full foward roll but not to spin around and look stupid like in a Aileron Roll and not to crash into physics laws like in a Air Cartwheel
Bob:Hey did you see me to a BARREL ROLL!!!!"
Sam:No that was a bad Aileron Roll"
Bob:But the Magic Cat of the plane was INSANE"
Sam:Still a Aileron Roll "
by Stokov April 11, 2011
The Barrel roll is the maneuver Peppy often confuses with the Aileron roll.
Learning the difference between an aileron roll and a barrel roll could save your life!
by _red___xiii_ March 27, 2008
A term used internet chatrooms and forums when somebody thinks they did something special but is actually useless and uninteresting.
Person A: Look how fast I can type!
Person B: Do a barrel roll.
by jonjonjonjonjon July 06, 2006
the act of doing what Pepppy says to do for once, in doing so you will tear a hole in the time space continuim and die be sent into mallet space.
you: okay
*suddenly sucked into mallet space"
by nick connors September 07, 2006
A savage twisting action exerted upon green volkswagen polos when sliding on black ice, normally during airborne periods
in unique circumstances the two passengers walk away unschathed this is beleived to be due to the german construction of the car and the identical naming of the passengers eg. Tom
Tom 1: hard left
Tom 2: (brakes)
Tom 1: Shit!
Tom 2: Shit!
(Barrel Roll)
by Tom, founder of barrel roll February 07, 2007
Basic areobatic maneuver, used to shake an enemy from your tail. You corkscrew in the sky and lose airspeed, and your enemy flies right by you.

To perform a barrel roll, bank sharply left or right, and gently pull back on the stick to maintain the roll. Hold sideways pressure on the stick as you roll inverted, then center it when you return to level flight.

During this move, the stick is essentially in the Left or right rear corner of the cockpit. The nose will draw a circle on the horlizon, instaed of rotating on a point. If you do a barrel roll perfectly, you won't lose any altitude
These people who say to perform a barrel roll by pushing buttons don't know how to fly worth shit and I would own them in any aerial combat game.
by Salem March 31, 2005
The act of asking a younger lady to flip that ass bitch and let you see what she's got...?

Brian Pepper: Do a barrel roll!
Haley: What is a barrel roll?
Brian Pepper: Copy Paste?
Haley: Shut the hell up!
Brian Pepper: Get off my momma!
Ms. Catron: DO a barrel ROll!!!
Haley: I still dont know what a barrel roll is?
Ms. Catron: I owe you...
Mr. Sumpter: YOu look like you could use a barrel roll!
Brian Pepper: Do a barrel Roll!

by michael cantu (not really) February 12, 2006
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