A enemy of The United States of America.

A secret muslim who has mad it seem like he has converted to christianity in order to infiltrate the united states government.

A guy with many ties to terrorist supporters.
A guy with an all arabic name.
A guy who's middle name is Hussein.

A guy who attends a racist church who's own pastor is a extreme racist and blasphemes or takes the name of the lord thy god in vain during one of his own sermons in which he is cursing the United States of America by saying "God damn america".

a guy who has lived most of his life outside of the U.S.A. but was born in Hawaii
Barrack Obama claims he isnt racist but you can only be a member of his church if you are black.

#obama #barrack #hussein #politician #presidential candidate #terrorist sympathizer #terrorist #democrat
by the patriot March 16, 2008
Top Definition
A made up name; a misspelling of Barack Obama, the 43rd president of the United States. All definitions therefore of Barrack Obama other than this definition are irrelevant and incorrect.
Its Barack Obama, not Barrack Obama, shithead.
#barack #obama #president #hawaii #milton bradley
by BennyG93 December 30, 2009
A greasy black turd that sneaks up on you out of nowhere, having a foul odor and leaving a trail of destruction anywhere it goes.
Oh man I was trying to make it in America but this damn Barrack Obama popped out and screwed up my chances and took all my money, what a nasty, smelly piece of shit.
#homo #african american #loser #bitch #liberal #pussy #traitor
by thehacker03 July 17, 2009
A pagan god worshiped by the far left of the Democratic party and young naive students with little experience in the real world.
Barrack Obama has failed the nation and his support base in all ways and on all levels. Under his watch, the economy has gone from bad to worse due to corporate bailouts and Obamacare. Wars continue in Iraq and Afganistan almost three years after he said would remove the U.S. military presence.
#president #communist in chief #red kennedy #jimmy carter squarred #far left
by coloneljackmustard November 02, 2011
noun- the lowest of the low, racist scum who gets credit for being the first "black" president to do something positive, but when does something negative, race is strangely not mentioned. plays the "America owes me because im black" card. liar, mentioning false "hope and change" thinks everyone should be able to depend on handouts from working people

someone who has ties to bad people, such as racist pastors, terrorists, that sort of thing.

Bill "im so glad barrack obama got elected! now i dont have to work to pay for insurance or anything! The lazy inheirit the earth!"

Bob "thanks alot lazy fuck, i assume you agreed with Stalin and Kim Jong Il as well?"

Bill "who are they?"
#barrack #obama #commie #socialist #communist #asshole
by hiphopanonymousanonymous December 12, 2009
1. A guy who denies frendships when trying to fit into a different click.
2. a chamellion, changing with the surroundings.
Bill just pulled a Barrack Obama. After Joe got fired, Bill told everyone he really didn't like him despite they spent every weekend and holidays together.
#two faced #chamellion #fair weather friend #phony #click
by Big-Gar October 26, 2008
Currently The president of the United States. The worst president we have ever had, and instead of fixing our economy he is planning his next vacation. Worse than Bush.
Barrack Obama: Yes we can!

#obama #barrack #barrack obama #dildo #usa #murica #failure #bootylicious
by POWER METAL RULES August 03, 2013
The 44th president of the United States of America. Commonly thought to be the first "black" president of America- which is only half true. He is actually not black but half black. He IS, however, the first American president of African descent.

He was elected November 4th 2008 to the position of president and will be sworn in on January 20th 2009 assuming he is alive at that time.

He ran on a similar platform to John F. Kennedy- a platform of change. He is also similar to Kennedy in that he has been attacked on his associations with some rather bad individuals (the Kennedy family has mob connections).
Barrack Obama beat John McCain and I'm really freakin' happy about it!
#barrack obama #barrack #obama #election #2008
by UrbanDickhead November 05, 2008
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