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Losing a race at the very end after being so far ahead.
The hare got Baroned by the tortoise.

My Aces just got Baroned by 10s.
by e72 September 28, 2012
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The act of loosing one's dignity during a drunken night of being creeped on ultimately hooking up with that creep. And being shamed in the morning.

Girl -Oh man guys I got Baroned.

Girl - guys look whose in my bed!
Friends- YOU GOT BARONED!!!!!
Girl - damnit, not again.
by Girls who've been Baroned March 08, 2009
When you are statistically far ahead in any event, game of chance with victory in sight and ultimately end up losing in an inconceivable fashion.
I got dealt Kings deep in the money and lost to an runner wheel after being Baroned.

19 minutes into a game, we told them gg kids, 30 minutes later, we got Baroned.
by madDanD November 12, 2012
To be kicked out, to be fired, to be let go, to be ousted.
Mo got baroned from the hockey team.
by manc October 16, 2014

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