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verb. to become completley drunk to the point of unconsciousness, and embarrass ones self hugely. person is most likely oblivious to previous nights action once the alcohol/substance has worn off.
'oh my, did you see that girl last night?'
'yeah, she totally got herself barlowed'
by i heart jb December 21, 2008
To remove a post from Facebook after rethinking the potential implications of said post.
Darn he/she barlowed the post, it was so funny, I hope someone screen capped it.
by sellit September 18, 2011
Very very drunk
"Bloody hell iv'e had that much to drink am absolutely fuckin barlowed"
by w&F February 08, 2010
To become again, better than once you were, like the ugly duckling, from Gary Barlow, once a fat dancer in Take That, now a global icon, buff ... with a nice beard!
He used to be fat and ordinary with a bad haircut, but ten years on he's buff, he's totally Barlowed
by crimbo October 06, 2012