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Barley Soup Abortion: Is a description used when a human is on a colon flushing program, and he produces a barley soup texture/colour/look of a shit. The ABORTION part of the saying applies to the feel one experience while passing this plutonic substance. This shit usually literally explodes out of your anus, and feels like you gave birth to a fetus. You suddenly feel 10lbs lighter, but disgusted by the mess you see when you part your legs and look into the bowl. Usually experienced on day 3 of a colon cleansing program.
On day 3 of Foxy Roxy’s colon cleansing program, Foxy Roxy produce a 7 person serving of Barley Soup Abortion. The bitch even went down in a full cup size, from a GG to a G…..Cot Damn

by Sergio Garcia August 04, 2006
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