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An insult used in South Yorkshire. Generally used to infer someone having a paddy or being "mardy". Seen as one of the harsher insults as words such as fool and crybaby are rejected for the more hurtful "barkworth".
You fucking barkworth.
Dont go all barkworth on me.
Stop being a barkworth.
by The Badger and Toad February 11, 2009
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An insult commonly used in South Yorkshire. Often used to insinuate homosexuality of the named party.
For example:

"He's a closet Barkworth"
"Mum, I think I may be Barkworth"
"I want to shout at the heavens - 'I am Barkworth, I don't give a sh*t what you b*astards think!'"

These are a mere few examples, the actual usage of the word stems much wider. Although outside South Yorkshire the phrase is a mystery.
by Angry Weasel March 17, 2009
South Yorkshire slang used as another term for penis...
Look at his Barkworth

That's a big Barkworth

Put your Barkworth away!

You call that a Barkworth?

I've seen bigger Barkworth's on rodents
by The dinosaw May 31, 2009
A person who regularly makes a fool of themselve's in public, without first thinking of the consequences.
This good be by randomly swearing very loudly, having a paddy, picking their nose then eating it. All in full view of everyone.

Stop it! You're making a right Barkworth out of yourself

He is such a Barkworth

OMG did you see that dude with the pointy ears!?.... What a Barkworth...
by Ashley Worth June 01, 2009

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