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Very sore or tired feet.
I think we oughtta call it a day on this hike, Susan. I've got barking dogs!
by pentozali February 28, 2008
A vaiation of the "shocker."
Forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger inserted into the vagina, pinky inserted into the rectum, thumb stimulating the clitoris.
Your pinky becomes the dog's lower jaw, and your thumb becomes the dog's ear.
by G-Dawg May 27, 2003
a person who tends to chide or scold others but who is really kind-hearted in spirit.
My foreman is a barking dog. Although he reprimands me for my mistakes, he loves me from the bottom of his heart.
by uttam maharjan February 16, 2010
smelly or stinky feet.
also, tired feet.
you've got some barking dogs, man. (your feet stink.)
my dogs are barking. (my feet hurt.)
by geneva kyrkslovan June 16, 2006

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