A Barista that gets stuck making coffee and desserts for customers. They may get stuck with these tasks for 1/2 an hour and can't get away fast enough. This happens on quite nights at a restauraunt, then SLAM!
Me: Can you take these meals out, please mate?

Nathan: * Gives no response, but continues making coffee at a million miles an hour. (No response is not an issue). He is being a Barista Bitch.
by Snezzle April 06, 2010
When a Starbucks Barista gets fed up with things and or customers.
"Get me a quad-double half calf, non-fat, no sugar, Xtra Carmelli, Mochiato with a whole milk float." Reply: "I ain't your Barista Bitch!"
by Reno 911-911 February 06, 2009

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