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v. Referring to some sort of uncomfortable, often homoerotic, act.
Another triple 20? I'm getting barholed over here!

Brent was so drunk he was about to barhole that transvestite hooker - only thing that stopped him was that he/she didn't take Monopoly money.
by TruthBeyotch August 23, 2011

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A interesting and mysterious man who neither a bar, nor a hole, yet is capable of feats that astound the world. Also rumored to be a secret agent.
Once a millenium, as the heavenly bodies line up and the sun is forgotten, a plague of evil claims the land. As the people prey for a defender, a spark of hope can be found, for the bar has been cast unto the hole, and a champion has been born. Such is the barhole.
by diablo December 04, 2003
this one guy i know, he's pretty cool.
hey, it's Barhole
by John Doe March 10, 2004