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When you are so disgusted by unexpected 'shart' that you unexpectedly barf.
Girl 1: I ate so much last night that I actually sharted myself
Girl 2: That happened to me yesterday but I took it a step further. I was having dinner with my grandparents and I was so disgusted that I actually puked.

Girl 1: OMG thats so disgusting, I'm going to barfshart now too!
by M Coopersmith + J Sanders April 21, 2011
Situation where one vomits from the mouth and excretes human waste from the anus at the same time. Can be caused from laughing, ridiculous weirdness or excess consumption of alcohol.
He was so smashed that he barf-sharted.

I was laughing so hard that I barf-sharted.
by BAsch July 09, 2010
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