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1. Ina Garten, host of FN's Barefoot Contessa.

2. Term used to describe someone who, once caught in such a reprehensible act as denying for two years to meet a terminally ill child, will try to resolve the situation by displacing blame one whoever else can take it (such as assistants) and claiming to be unaware of anything.

3. One who garners such an obsessive and delusional fan base, that once their divinity's name is uttered they pop out to lash out vehemently against any who seem not praise this TV personality.
The terminally ill child is now looking forward to completing a wish to swim with the dolphins, and has moved on.

Barefoot Contessa: Is there a more arrogant nickname to choose for yourself?
by Letsnotdothis April 05, 2011

a sex goddess who is a "lady on the street but a freak in the bed". she suppresses her nymphomania by cooking gourmet and unreplicable meals.
"dawg have you seen that barefoot contessa?! she is one hot piece of ass!"
by clairebear31 May 06, 2010
1. An epicure extraordinare demonstrating tasteful fancy fare in a FAMILY RAINBOW sort of way East Hampton style.
Ina Garten weekdays on FoodNetwork as The Barefoot Contessa.
by JayVaBeach August 09, 2007
The act of inserting your big toe into a woman's vagina while receiving oral sex.
My girlfriend loves it when I give her the old barefoot contessa.
by rawhide33 August 31, 2011
a person on foodnetwork that is fat and really ugly but has good food
look barefoot contessa making more food to eat!
by girl with the eye patch July 08, 2011
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