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When a person or persons tries to give some form of information, only to mispronouce or say the wrong words, making them look like a royal moose. Can also be the word used to describe a general random comment of which is unique to the individual.
A. You shouldn't lick your knife, it's rude
B. That's a spoon...
Omg; that's a Bardsleyism...
A.Hey, get...stop...erm...o fuk it.
B. Dude, wtf r u tryin to say??
A. er... i dunno
A. Where r u nw?
B. Grave!
A. Where????!!!
B. er...cemetery.
A. Oi! Dats nt yrs!!
B. Yes it is...
A. is it? o sorry...
A. Whers my...
B. Hair extentions? Phone? Passport? Dental records?
A. Shoes...
by Bruza2001 August 03, 2006
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