1.city in spain
2.a football club
3.an american band from washington d.c. that plays synth-indie pop music with boy/girl vocals
barcelona, our favourite barcelona!
by anum December 27, 2003
1. An anarchich nightclub by the mediterranian coast. The largest bar in the world, serving alcoholic drinks 24 hours throughout an area of over 100 square km. Inside it people live and have private properties.
2. Name given to the city wich grew inside a night club by the mediterranian sea.
ex. 1:
As I reached Barcelona's center i was offered a beer for 1 euro.

ex. 2:
-What day is it?
-Isn't there a big party in Barcelona today?
-mmmmm. Maybe. We'll get something to drink there and let's burn some garbage containers. That ought to be a good party.
by Baguette October 09, 2006
An indie rock band from Seattle that has recently been made known for their popular song, "It's About Time". (from their album Absolutes.) They are and AMAZING band with a rare sound. It would be classified as soft, heavy, alternative rock. Their emotional and deep lyrics compliment a full and beautiful sound that one would expect from an experienced and well rounded band. it is what to expect from the indie scene of Seattle.

uncool seattleite:"Wow, this is a realy rare sound! This is good but i have never heard this before."

hipster: "Heh! It's Barcelona. I don't expect you to know them."
by This Is Not Ironic May 27, 2008
The place we should be deporting illegal mexicans too.
I'm going to send victor to barcelona,hopefully he won't be able to get back this time.
by Super Saiyan Jesus March 31, 2008
also known as farcelona - the place where gay men try and play footy but cheat. They are the worst team in the world. The city is full of tranny prostitutes so beware!
girl 1 - I'm going to wach Barcelona play, you coming
girl 2 - why would I wach farca, when I could watch gods play at the Bernabeu?
girl 1 that's true why have cotton when you can have silk
by MiaMinty November 14, 2006
1. (Noun) A football club known around Europe and the world in general for its unfortunately sad style of play.
2. (Adjective) Applied to one who consistently comes in second place. Also applied to one who is generally bad at life.
3. (Verb) To lose.
1. Barcelona has won fewer Champions league cups in its entire history than Madrid did between the years 1998 and 2003.
2. Man, you are so Barcelona. Do you enjoy losing?
3. We totally barcelonaed that game. We also barcelonaing at life.
by XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-0787 September 26, 2006
The best city in Spain after Madrid, Seville, Bilbao Pamplona, Valencia....etc etc

Home to the NGC - National Gay Community
Have you been to Barcelona? Yeah...but I prefered spain!
by Yordi July 26, 2006
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