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Female fans of Nicki Minaj.

Short for barbies
singular is barb
For males it's kenz
They are the ones who have been her fans since her mixtapes
They form #TeamMinaj
Twitter: "@NICKIMINAJ: i only breast feed the barbz. U NOT A BARBIE ITS #NUNAYAFUCKINBEEZWAX"
(Real tweet)
by ILoveDaKid December 27, 2013
a boy/girl who lives in worcester MA. He tries to trick people into being straight and likeing women but he really is gay and will not come to terms with it. He offers people to party at his house and gives them free alcohol just to be his friend. These people take his bribes but still believe he is the gayest thing since clay aiken. a flaming homosexual known for talking with a gay accent, and walking like a dinosaur who has just been saudomized. his wearing of ecko and wristbands doesnt make him straight.
" Dude stop acting like barbs"
by damian February 28, 2005
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