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A notorious group based in the Santa Monica/West Los Angeles area. Composed of an exclusive set of individuals- Big Pimpin' Lee, Benitez, Kim, KPO, JPO, X, and various other wannabes, the Barbydell Bangers represent places from Los Angeles to Boston to El Salvador. The Bangin' will continue long into the future.
Origins of the word:
Big Pimpin' lives on Barbydell Drive in Cheviot Hills. It is the traditional spot where the Bangers convened from 2001-2005. It was also the site of two infamous parties attracting about half of the Los Angeles population.
The Barbydell Bangers stick together through thick and thin. No matter what the circumstance, they will always have each other's backs.
#el salvador #big pimpin #pimp #lee #x #kim #cheviot #cheviot hills #santa monica #samo
by Jelee December 30, 2005
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