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Barbie-ing is the act of hooking up with someone and leaving them hanging. This could be caused by over consumption of alcohol or stupidity but it is generally a make out session or even a one night stand that leads on one person to believing that it might actually be a real relationship but in the end the person Barbie-ing never talks to the second individual again. It is generally used to refer to girls that are cockteases.
"You remember that one girl I hooked up with last night dude? I am totally gonna get with her today!" guy 1. " I dunno man I think she might be Barbie-ing."
by Koder dirc September 03, 2012
the process of being so desperate to take a relationship to next level or find a boyfriend/girlfriend in general that you act out fake future-scenes involving you and your love interest using Barbie dolls.
Man I want to get with Kacey so bad I've been Barbie-ing about her every night!
by ScottyDoo 1294 March 14, 2010

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