ugly girs are barbie dolls; they are fun to play with until your friends find out
rosanne, your friends mom/sister(s), your own sister, 50 cent
by scotty9377 July 19, 2005
Barbie dolls are usually used to describe attractive girls with big boobs and pretty face. Contrary to popular belief, there barbie dolls are not restricted to only white blonde dolls. Tehre is such a thing as a Black barbie doll, like myself. And i'm more sexy than any of you white barbie dolls any day!
Guy #1: Barbie dolls are hot stuff
Guy #2: Yeah, especially the Black ones. Can you say DAMN?
Guy #1: Yeah, dude.
by Katie263745 August 29, 2005
one that is caked with makeup is trying to hard to look good.
"look at her face she is trying to be a barbie doll"
by diamond4eva March 29, 2015
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