popular singer, famous for her big nose. vain and egotistical. when Matt Stone and Trey Parker poked fun at her on South Park, every dumbass out there took this as their oppurtunity to pretend they've always hated her (or knew who she was). dont believe me? read the other definitions.
It was a good episode though.
by thegreatmonkey54 July 01, 2005
Another way of saying B.S. (bullshit). Primarily used by Rush Limbaugh.
Kerry said that Bush entered Iraq only to get to the oil. That's a bunch of BS, Barbara Streisand!
by markbell May 01, 2005
A stupid, annoying, Jewish slut; the embodiment of all evil. When Satan wants a one night stand, he calls Barbara Streisand

Also, what you call your girlfriend when she is being a crazy bitch or when her nose is looking freakishly large.
Damn you to hell, Barbara Streisand. I don't even think hell is big enough to fit her gigantic Jew nose. They have to create a whole new Barbara Streisand hell just to accomidate for her fucking Jew nose. Why doesn't she shut her stupid Jew mouth on her stupid Jew face and go suck a Jew cock. You would need to put like 39 Jew cocks in her humungous Jew mouth to make her shut the hell up.
by tarhizzle September 30, 2006
Can Jews divorce and re-marry 100 times or isn't there some kind of commandment about that?
Barbara Streisand thou shalt not commit adultery
by antonio de valga December 07, 2003
1. This is how stupid fucks who don't know how to spell Barbra's name spell it. They lack intelligence and general support for their ridiculous claims.

2.A non-existent super star. For Barbra Streisand does NOT spell her name with 3 A's you dumb fucks.
Stupid people spell Barbra Streisand's name Barbara Streisand.

People should look up their "facts" before they start spilling shit about BARBRA not BARBARA.

People who spell her name Barbara Streisand probably also pronounce her last name Strei-ZAND and not SAND as it is supposed to be said.
by learnyourshit July 04, 2010
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