1. This is how stupid fucks who don't know how to spell Barbra's name spell it. They lack intelligence and general support for their ridiculous claims.

2.A non-existent super star. For Barbra Streisand does NOT spell her name with 3 A's you dumb fucks.
Stupid people spell Barbra Streisand's name Barbara Streisand.

People should look up their "facts" before they start spilling shit about BARBRA not BARBARA.

People who spell her name Barbara Streisand probably also pronounce her last name Strei-ZAND and not SAND as it is supposed to be said.
by learnyourshit July 04, 2010
Top Definition
Ex porn-star, turned singer, turned actress. Has a huge nose whose nostrils are big enough to qualify as two extra sexual orafices in China.

Gives great head. I think she's married to that one guy from the original haunted house thingy who now portrays high ranking naval officers... something like Brodin or Grodin.
That guy on the screen is getting a blowjob by none other than Barbara Streisand.
Origin of all that is evil in the world. As old as the universe itself.
People who listen to her music obviously need a good shooting.
Father...I have committed a sin...I listened to a Barbara Streisand album this morning.
by Felix July 11, 2005
The most hypocritical bitch in the entire history of human existence.
Barbara Streisand says she cares about the poor and the enviornment, while she lives on cliff one of the largest homes in all of California.
by Andy October 23, 2003
A celebrity with an excessively large nose, made fun of on south park in the episode Mecha Streisand with lines like "Woah dude, you could land stealth bombers on that thing!"
HOLY SHIT! Is that Barbara Streisand and her mammoth nose?!
by Kenny McCormic May 10, 2008
Barbara streisand is an annoying, jewish, gaysounding, Bitch
A: Bbarabara streisand is a bitch!
B: ye!
A: Ye!
by Tom Kelly July 10, 2004
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