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NOUN: A term used to describe a woman, who in public is Ultra-Feminine, SEXY and Professional. BUT behind closed doors, can COOK da Hell out of da kitchen AND be a FREAK in da bed!

ADJECTIVE: A Beautiful Stranger from across the room who stands out amongst the SKANKS...
A Classy Babe SO DANG HOTT and DEE-LICIOUS, she makes yo mouth WATER!
GUY#1: Mmmm! Hey baby!, Miss 34-28-36!...Why don't you take off them glasses, drop that suit and lemme HoLLa at cha, Barbalicious! Heyyyy... Mmmmh!

GUY#2: Damn, dude! Dat beeyotch be outta yo league!She's too Barbalicious for a ghetto brutha like you!
by HoLLa_itsBABS! August 21, 2009

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