from polish language-male sheep.A retard by choice, looser,a dude who'll do anything to hang with the crew...the type of guy who'll put icy hot on his balls for no reason...
what a Baran.
by Bitch w/ an attitude July 23, 2008
Top Definition
A cool person who has long dick and is strong like ram, powerful like a truck. A person that can kick you in the balls when gets mad. A person with good sense of humor and fun to go out with.
Be friends with Baran, not enemy (for your own good)
by Yakjulaz October 23, 2010
A strong, confident girl who'll kick your ass if she has to. She has a nice bod and a brain to boot.
Random Dude: Dude, check that hot piece of ass out!
Baran: What the fuck did you just say? Why you lil bitch -
*two hours later*
Doctor: So, you say this is your cousin?
Baran: *sobbing* Yes, Doctor, it was an accident!
*mom walks in*
Baran: *bolts out*
by tumblrrockblogs May 15, 2016
Persian name (usually for a girl) that defines as: "the blessing of rain." As Persia is a very hot country, and often has periods of drought, rain is thought of as a very beautiful and precious thing.
As Rain:

"Belakhare dare baran miyad, khodaro shokr"
"It's finally raining! Thank God."

As a name:
"Vay! Baran chegadr bahale"
"Woah, Baran's so cool."
by bellamyblake May 16, 2016
strong like ram, and kick you in the nuts
Im just a baran so im cool. I like bears
by Jebber April 29, 2008
1 v. to invite oneself unwanted into a conversation, generally to the detriment of anyone in earshot.
boyfriend: "Hunny, i love the way you walk"
girlfriend: "Your shirt brings out your wonderfully hazel eyes"
Baran (hiding in bushes, masturbating): "WHAT ABOUT MY EYES"
boyfriend: "What a fucking Baran"

by Baran h8er July 31, 2006
Also known as a 'Bazza' or 'Baren'. When a person 'jims in' and makes themself feel included to the distain of everyone. !
Girls: Omg John, can you take a picture of us?
John: Sure thin....
Baran (5km away about 2 seconds ago): I CAN DO IT. Im gifted with photography, all my friends, everyone says so!
Girls + John: Jim out you fucking Bazza!
Baran: Hai-gai
by omfgroflmao August 06, 2006
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