One of the BEST presidents this country has ever had. For all you racist assholes who hate him, look at what he has done for the country and what the Republicans has done... Which one has the better chance of getting voted in November 2012
I will vote for Barack Obama in 2012.
by CJBland March 04, 2012
An able president who, by not having anything wrong with his credentials, history, or thought process, brought out the worst in republicans. Starting from the moment he was announced as a nominee, all the way through his presidency, the republican party has pulled every dirty trick in the book, and, as you can see here on UD, they have resorted to the lowest of low: incomprehensible, vague and nonconstructive comments, mostly using the world liberal, as if it meant something other than "live and let live," as well as socialism as if we didn't already have socialized libraries, police/fire departments, schools, and post offices. He destroyed their party, and now they are licking their wounds while lashing out at anyone who tries to help. They SHOULD be soul-searching and re-evaluating their methods, or they will never be a formidable opponent to us democrats ever again, and will continue to provide Comedy Central and the rest of comedians around the globe something to make fun of. For now, collectively, they appear to be calling themselves anarchists (who still want religion imposed on their government), who will move to Canada to escape potential socialism, which is hilarious.
I can't believe people still don't like Barack Obama, they honestly think McCain, Mr. Trickle-down-economics, Mr. Has-the-stupidest-person-as-a-running-mate, was a better candidate. You seriously have to have half a brain to have thought that. Ron Paul would've been far greater an opponent.
by DougYoung January 31, 2009
an excellent president. He is responsible for
1. fixing the economy
2. closing guantanamo bay
3. lifting the ban on stem cell research
4. last but not least...and i think this is the most important fact...Putting into action the best idea for health care reform we have had in decades. Not only will it provide healthcare for any american who cannot afford it but it will allow you to keep whatever health care plan you have now if you so choose. It is an excellent plan no matter what anyone says. Not only this but the plan will not be signed into action if it puts even $1 on the defecit and is designed to benefit every american out there...whether they prefer public health care...or privately run health doesnt will have the choice!!! exciting...i know.

Simply put...President Barack Obama is the most excellent, morally conscious, smart, and caring president weve had in many many years.
Me: Did you hear about Barack Obama's health care reform?
some kid named tony: yeah fuck obama hes gonna shit all over the country and run it into the ground the socialist fuck!
Me: oh fuck you you worthless piece of shit...youre an ignorant asshole and dont know anything about whats really going on in this country.
tony: well fuck you too!
Me: no fuck you!!!
by carter2612 September 14, 2009
(Proper Noun.) Barrack Obama-Unfortunatley, the soon to come President of the United States of America.
A man that has been elected into office solely because of the colour of his skin, purposeful exploitation of the ignorance of the common American person, as well as illegitimate funding and biased media coverage.

This man is a velvet picture of the stupidity of today's progressively degrading society in intellect as well as morals.

The man can be described as Anti-American in all respects of the term for many reasons, as dictated by common sense as well as truth. Ye now be enlightened...

He may be rightly accused of the following:

A man that will progress the already pending fall of democracy to socialism and communism. He is a manipulative man who specifically targets the poor as well as people of his own ethnic background in order to accquire easy and a substantial amount of votes. He plays the race card with utmost efficiency, supressing voters with the almighty "RACIST!" term as a response to people who dont vote for him because he has black skin. If one were to do their research, they would find that the man is only 50% black, which is not a majority seeing how that would require 51%. He is 50% white as well, but of course chooses to identify himself as black to obtain votes. Read your history books and you will see how manipulativeness is a common if not compulsory trait of a dictaor. The man's mastery of the skill is not far from that of a dictator, and if that dosent flash warning signs out, then people must be blinder than bats to not be able to notice how dangerously close this man is to the standard corrupt political leader that is found in communist countries.

He is a man who relies on his "charismatic" and "eloquent" speaking abilites to sweet talk and bullshit the people into voting for him just because he can talk in such ways and pretend to relate to the people themselves. Be warned it is predicted in the book of Revelations hat the antichrist himself will be a powerful political leader that decieves the people with his words almost in the same fashion. Hint hint?

He is a man that does not believe in the rewards of hard work. That by providing "free stuff" to the people that good things will just magically come from the government out of nothing. The question is, where will the money from all this "free stuff" come from? Thats right Americans, out of your own pockets. He will tax the shit out of the people in order to pay for his free healh care and such; sound like socialism?

He wants to uproot the middle class, and wants us all to be "equal" , even if we dont deserve it. He believes that even though I bust my ass in college for 8 years(while paying shitloads of overpriced tuition) to get a high class job that a huge portion of the money that I worked hard to earn should be taxed away to kingdom come to help those who DONT study hard and dont do shit to earn anything in life. That I should pay MY hard earned money to support fucking gangsters and bums who are too lazy to do good in school and do something with their life. He believes we dont have to work hard, that everything just comes free and that we should get benefits even if we wont work for them or earn them.

He is a man who's religion contradicts itself, and who is so power hungry that he left his own abomination of a "church" because it was going to lose him votes in the elections. What kind of person will willingly trash his religious beliefs for power? Does this not expose his level of honesty? Ill let you find the answer, its obvious.

He attended a church that supressed white Christians and deemed them inferior and unworthy to be saved because of their race.
He believes in Islam, a "religion" that preaches conversion by the sword as well as the use of women as property and objects of pleasure.

He hates the flag, he wants to get rid of the anthem, and sees the constitution as an an "obstacle" in his way to power

He authorizes the murder of American unborn yet living infants by the thousands, which wil lead to an increase of 30,000 abortions per year. They are created on American soil, do they not also deserve the right LIFE dictated by the Constitution itself?

He dosent support the troops tht fight for your very freedom as well as the freedom of innocent Iraqi people who are supressed by a military regime. He wishes to withdraw, and that all our brave troop's deaths be in vain. When in fact, if you were to use any source of information that does NOT include the media, you would find a lot of GOOD and PROGRESS is being done in Iraq, if you dont belive me talk to any soldier who has been there, he will enlighten you.

He fills the media with his propaganda, another clear sign of communist ideals as well as manipulation of the people. ore than 75% of national news programs have been biased towards this man's campaign, if you dont believe me, watch every single one and do the math.

Any educated and intellent American citazen can do his research as well as judgement to lead to these same conclusions. These are but a handfull of the things the man stands for, as I lack the time to continue composing this defenition. Americans, hopefully by reading this defenition you can come to see the truth about this political official, as biased as it may seem, it is only dictating things as how they are. Dont vote for your race, and notice the defenition does not promote support OR attack of the canidate because of his race. Race has NOTHING to do with politics, dont get caught up in fear of being called "racist" because you dont support/hate the man for his skin colour! Vote for America, for freedom, for religion if you care, not for race or a chance of "free" benefits. Thats just not what voting is about.

I dont know how many times ive asked people why they are supporters of this man Almost no one can actually provide a reason as to why. Hopefully the information in this defenition defines clearly some motives and reasons to support or not support the canidate. If you are going to vote, vote for a damn reason! Even if you are voting for the losing canidate!
Uneducated/Uninformed person: Im totally voting for Barack Obama, I was just listening to his awesome speech about how Im going to get free money and bring about change!
Educated/Informed Person: You know that free money is just going to go back with all the taxes that will be emplaced...
Uneducated/uniformed person: oh really? well itd still be cool if he was the first black president right?
Educated/Informed person: do you see me voting for a canidate because he is simply Hispanic? He could be green for all that matters, socialist ideas are socialist ideas whether in black,blue, or yellow hands.
Uneducated/Uninformed person: oh dear, I think I should go think about this and figure out the truth before I vote...
Educated/Informed person: good boy, have a cookie.
by TruPhilosopher February 24, 2009
The 44th President of the United States. Born in Hawaii in 1962 to a mother from Kansas and a father from Kenya. Attended Harvard Law School, became a community organizer in Chicago and later served as a state senator and U.S. senator from Illinois. Inaugurated January 20, 2009, succeeding President George W. Bush. A Democrat.
Barack Obama is the first black President of the United States.
by Billy Frank February 09, 2009
Barack Obama is a democrat running in the presidential elections of 2008. He has a good chance to be the first black man to ever be president.

Unfortunately, because he is black, he get pumelled by the media for the dumbest shit. I just loooove this country.

"HOLY SHIT, Barack Obama's white southern mom's great great great great grandfather owned a slave!"

""What a horrible man. He just paid his college parking tickets now. What has life come to?"

"His dad made him go to a MADRASSA as a child!? That makes me question whether or not hes a terrorist. He says hes a christian now, but once youre a muslim, youre always a muslim, right?"

"Oh no! He dabbled in drugs when he was a youngster! Instead of taking care of my son who is probably getting high on meth while I don't know it, I'm gong to have a hissy fit because a candidate tried to hide that he was a smoker. Surely, having such a shameful habit, he should be open with us! How can we trust him?"
by Sereth March 25, 2007
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