The Devil.
Run for your lives! Barack Obama is our president!
#devil #lucifer #satan #antichrist #socialist #anticonstitutionalist
by An American Patriot May 30, 2009
A pompous jackass that wants to become the next president of america. faggot. homo, and a loser.
grow up dumbass
this man has little to no experience and can only bring a depression to our already failing economy, thanks to bush.
barack obama is a homo. but we don't like him anyways.
#shlong #dang #dong #box #queer
by morgasm04072 March 27, 2008
1. 44th President of the United States. First president to not be fully white; therefore, no one can criticize without being called a racist. He is after all only half black.

2. A socialist at heart. He is redistributing wealth to all the slugs living off the government tit and declaring war on the middle class.

3. He looks a lot like the black bartender in Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" video.

4. The chocolate Jimmy Carter.

5. Blames all failures on George Bush- see Bush Defense

6. The chocolate Adolf Hitler.

7. Living proof that no matter how sucessful a black man is, he's still living in govenment housing.

8. Looked more stupid than George Bush when he had the Beer Summit at the White House.

9. A disingenuous phony left wing nut pretending to be a moderate so he can try to please all the people all the time.

10. A skilled speaker, but at the end of the day, just another politician and in the worst way.

11. Cannot speak without a teleprompter!

12. A guy who has stated, "We can't keep our houses at 72 degrees, eat however we want, and drive our SUV's and think other countries are going to be okay with that." As if we are not independent enough to do what we please without offending the countries we previously freed from tyranny.

13. Hates America and Surrounds himself with like minded individuals. See/Google Bill Ayers, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, Michelle Obama, John Holdren, Tara O'Toole, Cass Sunstein, Jeff Jones etc. etc. etc.

14. Barack Obama is a synonym for a man who smooth talks you into bed but turns out to be a bad performer.

15. A noob that by got elected president for being the opposite of George Bush- a half black liberal democrat.

16. Extreme abortion supporter- up to 30 weeks!

17. Spends taxpayers money like he won the lottery- see Powerball Obama

18. Former ACORN attorney who gave them 8 billion dollars in his Stimulus Bill!

19. Last name Obama is an Acronym:






20. He Idolizes Hugo Chavez, Che Guevara and Karl Marx. Doubters please Google the above names with Obama's name. I wish I was making this up.

21. Attempted to destroy the World's Greatest Healthcare system. A failed politician, enough said.
In 50 years, history will not be so kind to Barack Obama.
#the reciter #powerball obama #mudsucker #reverse racism #down low #telepromptourettes #obama moment #teleprompter #retardican #change #bush defense #keifer #whitey hater #obama #politics #black #election #sarah palin #republican #socialist #joe biden #idiot #communist #marxist #hope #bill clinton #barack #hussein #socialism #america #conservative #sex #hitler #racist #nigger #hillary #george bush #communism #muslim #liar #democrats #usa #democratic #obamania #president george w. bush #senator #antichrist #politician #living off the government tit #prejudice #racism #glen beck #rush limbaugh #msnbc #fox news #bullshit #government #congress #joe wilson #gay #ass #motherfucker #kanye west #jackass #misspoke
by TheRightIsRight September 20, 2009
one bloody awesome man and an inspiration to us all.
The president of the united states is Barack Obama

When i grow up i want to be just like Barack Obama
#obama #barack #president #black #usa
by bek_star January 20, 2009
True definition: 44th President of the United States who was elected in 2009 and reelected in 2012. He was born in Hawaii and has lived in the USA for his entire life. He attended Harvard Law School and became a senator in Illinois. He has tried to introduce better policies to the United States, but the Republican House of Representatives has obstructed him no matter what the bill. For some reason, conservatives try to come up with crazy myths to discredit him.

Right-wing maniac's definition: Socialist Nazi Commie Muslim Fascist book-learnin' dictator terrorist illegal immigrant whose middle name is Hussein like the Muslim terrorist and was born in Kenya. He wants to destroy America and he loves homos, blacks, terrorists, and killing babies. He wants only gays and fags to be able to get married and doesn't want straight regular people to be married. He hates Christians and pretends to be one when he is really a Muslim atheist terrorist. He burns bibles and his wife is really a man. He wants to take away our guns and use them in a military takeover. He hates Israel and wants Muslim terrorists to be able to live there.
Regular person: Barack Obama could have been a great President if it weren't for the Republican Congress's obstruction.

Right-wing maniac: Is you kiddin' me? That Nazi soshulist commie fashist muslim atheist terrorist homo negro Kenyan illegal immigrant wants to destroy 'murica and let homos get married and have sex and kill innocent babies before there born! And he wants to take my gunz away!

Regular person: You have no factual basis for those insane claims. You don't even know the definition of Nazism, fascism, socialism, communis--

Right-wing maniac: *Shoots rational thinking person with his shotgun
#barack #obama #president #president of the united states #barak #hussein #potus #obstruction #democrat
by FreeThinker99 July 11, 2013
The president of the United Stated of America. No one knows just yet if he will be "A Dream Come True", or "The Antichrist"(both actual quotes from people). But what we do know is that weather you like it or not, he's he for at least the next four years, unless he gets shot, which I highly doubt because: A, He's pretty much the most protected man in the world and B, If we didn't shoot Bush, why the hell would we kill Obama? Yes his middle name is Hussein. And? Yes, I'm a democrat, and I'm for him.
Grampa: How bout that Obamer*? I'll tell you what, that Bamer* sure is somthin'
Me: Umhm Grampa, he sure is.
Grampa: Your votin' for him aren't you?
Me: I may have the SAT scores of a 19 year old, but I'm still 12, Grampa.
Grampa: Then why are you wearin' so much makeup?
Me: I'm not wearing any makeup, Grampa.
Grampa: Jon, get me ma glasses.
Daddy: Okay, Ed.
Grampa: So THAT'S what you look like this year....

*Grampaspeak for Barack Obama
#president #2008 #election #cool #awesome #dude #obama #barack hussain obama
by Angelicawalker123 February 26, 2009
1. noun: A highly disturbing object or body part that places an equally disturbing image in ones mind.

2. adjective: Descibes a person that lacks the penal functions appropriate to ones gender.

3. verb: sexually exploiting a woodland creature and/or making suggestive moves, such as "humping" and "spooning", towards trees and fungi
1. Ugh!!! dude put your Barack Obama away!

2. Man why didnt you bang?! Are you a Barack Obama or something?!

3. I was walking in the park the other day and someone was freaking Barack Obamaing right there in the open!
#vajub #vajalls #alpaca #child predator #necrofeliac
by Balls McLong January 12, 2009
The GREATEST president the United States of America has ever had. Many people blamed him for former president, George W. Bush's mistakes. Though there are people out there who despise him for no logical reason, he is - and will always be - the best president there ever was. Obama for mankind!
"I'm Barack Obama, and I approve this message." - Barack Obama.
#president #best #amazing #wonderful #awesome
by Obama.for.mankind. September 22, 2010
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