The nickname for Pocket Fours in a game of Texas Holdem. Barack Obama is the 44th President on the United States. When both four's are black, they always trip on the flop.
Mike Sexton: Let's take a look at the pocket cam. Oh, he has picked up Baracks in the small blind. He looks like he is pushing all in!
by mondoinvasion August 10, 2009
Top Definition
The best-of-both shade of brown, akin to the dear president. Fits in the Dulux colour chart; somewhere inbetween 'cafe creme' and 'corrugated card'.
'Did you see that guy's Barack?'
'Hell yeah, that's no Piz Buin!'
by Anita Diamant October 04, 2009
1. to have little applicable experience
2. to say things that people like to hear but mean nothing
3. to say things that everyone would like done but has no realistic way of accomplishing them
Don't barack me, tell me how you plan to accomplish that.
by The Peoples Champ June 03, 2008
From the Hebrew biblical name Barak, meaning lightning . Name of a military commander in the Old Testament
In the Old Testament, Barack must have been a strong commander because his name means lightning.
by bluejean November 25, 2008
barack(in swahili baraka) means blessing
just like Barack Obama's father was from east africa and people from east africa(Tanzania,Kenya and Uganda)speaks swahili
by mfalme May 29, 2009
The term "Barack" is used as a verb in place of the work "rock" when talking about something President Obama has said or done.
"Wow, did you see that speech lastnight? He Baracked the crowd!"
by cad281 September 16, 2009
(1) verb; To take something and make it your own
(2) verb; To take or to cop
(3) verb; To shatter public opinion
(4) verb; To buck the establishment
(5) verb; To represent your point of view to the fullest
(6) verb; Regardless of public opinion, to do what you think is right
(7) verb; To have pride in one's own (i.e. accomplishment, people, family, etc)
"barack the vote!"
"Girl, you better barack a copy of Vogue they have black models this issue!"
"I'm baracking to the fullest son!"
by Andrew Charles Cooper - GW May 27, 2008
a verb generally used to express a good thing that has/did/will happen. used heavily by democrats.
"Dude, I totally Baracked that game!"
by LilDevils1707 November 26, 2008
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