God in human form. Most likely a descendant of Morgan Freeman.
Barack Obama is our lord and savior.
by deeter123 January 13, 2008
Our new lord and savior. We have waited years for the messiah to come. It was prophesied that he would descend from the clouds and preach radical new ideas such as "change".
Wow, look at Barack Obama! how refreshing it is for someone to want change!!
by Catzrthecoolest September 06, 2008
A presidential hopeful who is the object of affection for young women.
"I cannot wait, 'til 2008
Baby you’re the best candidate
Of the new oval office,
You’ll get your head of state
I can’t leave you alone
‘Cause I’ve got a crush on Barack Obama"
by 37153 June 21, 2007
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