the turban wearing anti-christ that plans to take over the world and blow up the pentagon
im voting for barack obama. dude, he's the anti-christ!!!
by zack villere October 05, 2008
Someone who makes an overly dramatic speech about nothing in order to avoid answering real questions and fill people with a false sense of hope.

See also: Marxist, pipe dream.
I have hope for the future of change. Thank you and goodnight.

-Barack Obama
by rtil July 10, 2008
retard liberal who will only get elected because he is black. JOHN MCCAIN FOR PRESIDENT MOTHERFUCKERS!!!
Are you going to vote for Barack Obama in November?

Yeah, i don't wanna seem racist.
by JK47NTC March 26, 2008
An Anti-American muslim infiltrator whose only cares are for worst people in our country and who wants to rob those who have earned a high standard of living for themselves, then reward those who make poor choices in life with government services paid for by the people who excel in business and hard work.
I bet that crack-head, welfare-recieving, Nation of islam member, white people hating, illiterate scum bag will probably vote for Barack Obama, if the aforementioned creature can understand enough of the human written language to read the ballot.
by Bud in South Carolina August 04, 2008
1) The synonym for the word rhetoric.

2) The art of winning the presidency without mentioning any specific plans.

3) Proof that democracy isn't the best form of government.
Mark: Who are you voting for in November?

Dave: Barack Obama because he is going to bring change.

Mark: What has he changed in the past 3 years of being Senator?

Dave: You're racist.
by Branden2112 July 26, 2008
A lying, deceiving bastard who smokes cigaretttes, refuses to wear our country's flag on his ugly suits, does what everybody wants just to get votes, and lies to the american people about promises he cannot make. He also will not answer any questions about why his middle name is hussein what a fucker.
Barack Obama is a fucker I hope he doesn't become our president or we are going to be communists
by Joey456 July 10, 2008
Dumbass Jimmy Carter II who blames racism for why he hasn't won the nomination for president.
"All these cracka-ass white folk hate on me cuz I'm black and used to be a slave, I know what its like to be at the bottom, wait, I was raised in the damn suburbs!!!"
-Barack HUSSEIN Obama
Youtube---Barack Obama the magic negro
Worst part of being a black jew-you had to sit in the back of the oven.
by Al Sharptonisaracist July 10, 2008
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