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A clock that is set 15 minutes ahead. Typically done in bars so that they can ensure that no one is served after legal curfew.
The kids were always late for school until we set the kitchen clock to bar time.
by John Lamoureux October 10, 2007
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The time at which the bars close. Often also the time when many after-hours establishments get their biggest rush.
Denny's is usually empty late at night - except after bar time!
by barfly69 March 17, 2010
1. The specified legal time at which a bar is no longer allowed to sell liquor, thus resulting in a particularly large group of intoxicated individuals exiting these establishments.

2. A period of time following 2:00am (in most states) when there is a statistical increase in accidents and traffic violations due to a mass exodus of drunk people from bars and pubs.

3. A particular place where such individuals tend to gather, before ultimately parting. It is usually characterized by a higher level of intoxication and a tendency toward brawling and debauchery (drunken seduction). For example, in Madison this is the corner of State and Johnson.
1. It's past two o'clock. Last call for alcohol was ten minutes ago, they're not going to serve you past bar time.

2. I'm hoping to get this rig through Brew-town before 2. I hate driving with all the crazies.

3. You don't want to walk through bar time by yourself - unless you want to get raped.
by 000009110 December 27, 2006

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