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A variation of Keno in which you bet no money with the state, but with the patrons at the bar. Instead of picking your numbers and watching them pop up, you get a group of people, and everyone picks one number. Pick how much each will bet ($1 a game, $5 a game, ect, sometimes fun to start off with a big bet then change to a smaller one). Write down everyone's name, and the number they pick next to it (nobody can have same number). Wait until the next game. If nobody's number comes up, everyone puts more money in, if more than one person gets their number, everyone puts more money in. You keep playing each round until one and ONLY ONE person's number comes up. You may change your number before the start of any round as long as announced and written down. A great way to make some money (or lose some, but hey-atleast it is goin to your buddy and not the state...maybe he'll buy you a beer!)
Damn I keep losing at keno...
Well Lets play some bar keno, atleast you'll just be losing your money to me!
by mvdube March 23, 2011
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